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Jalen Rose Says DeMarcus Cousins Will Re-Sign With The Warriors If Kevin Durant Leaves


The Warriors have not faced many true threats since the arrival of Kevin Durant. In fact, they have had a rather easy ride to the Finals, and are likely to see more of the same this postseason.

This July is unlike anything they have faced in the past. With only so much money to spend and a sense of some players wanting something new, they could lose some significant fire-power as Klay Thompson, DeMarcus Cousins, and Kevin Durant all hit three free agent market.

While it is impossible to guess conclusively where they might end up, Jalen Rose might have an idea where the dominoes might fall if Durant decides to leave.

On his ESPN show Jalen and Jacoby, the former NBA star predicted that DeMarcus Cousins will re-sign with Golden State if Kevin Durant leaves.

It makes sense that Cousins' decision would be contingent on that of Durant's.

He has been a great fit in Oakland, playing for an unselfish team that will still be good after offseason changes. If Durant goes to a place like New York, it would open up money for the Warriors to offer DeMarcus, and he would likely be inclined to take it.

There is no doubt the Dubs would prefer to keep their star forward over a post-Achilles tear Boogie. But if they find things going against their way this offseason, hanging on to him would certainly not be the worst thing they could do.