Jalen Rose Says During Live Show: 'I Think They Call People Like You Bronsexuals'

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Jalen Rose isn't afraid of speaking his mind. The former player-turned-analyst is one of the most entertaining voices out there. Even if you don't like his takes, they're always fun. 

Recently, the former Michigan Wolverine demonstrated that he's a man of culture when he called his 'Jalen & Jacoby' co-host David Jacoby a LeBron James fanboy, only that he used a different expression for that. 

As Jacoby explains that LeBron needed to perform better in Game 6 against the Phoenix Suns, Rose explained what fans call people like him. 

"I think they call people like you 'Bronsexuals." 

"No, LeBron stan is fine. LeBron stan is fine," Jacoby replied. 

The Bronsexuals have become a meme around the NBA community. Some people are willing to say anything to defend LeBron, earning this infamous nickname. 

It seems like Jacoby fits into that category, but he likes to call himself something different. Seeing somebody from the media using the expressions that fans use is always great. 

In February, Joel Embiid used the 'Mickey Mouse' expression to belittle the 2021 All-Star Game, sparking a big reaction among fans. 

This is another case, and this time we have LeBron James in the middle of that. The King is a polarizing player, and whenever his name is mentioned, plenty of people fiercely attack or defend him.