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Jalen Rose Says That The Los Angeles Lakers Will Not Win A Title If They Are In The Play-In Tournament

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The Los Angeles Lakers have not had the best year this year healthwise. Many members of the Los Angeles Lakers were forced to miss games, whether it be due to COVID-19, or other more basketball-related injuries. LeBron James and Anthony Davis have notably had long layoffs, and it is hard to build any chemistry on the team when the roster keeps taking injury hits.

The Los Angeles Lakers have fallen in the standings and are now the 7th seed, and they have lost two in a row. This has caused some to suggest that the Los Angeles Lakers may be in trouble. Jalen Rose has recently claimed that if the Los Angeles Lakers are in the play-in tournament, then they will not win the championship.

They’re literally limping towards the end of the season. Couple of injuries, Anthony Davis, LeBron James... They’re in grave danger of legitimately finding themselves a part of the play-in.

If the Lakers are a part of this year’s play-in scenario, they will not win the title. Because they have no room for error. If you get in the play-in and all of a sudden Anthony Davis injures his ankle, they lose.

Jalen Rose brings up a valid point about injuries: the moment one of your superstars gets injured, it becomes exponentially harder to win the NBA championship. While injuries may play a factor going into the playoffs, especially this shortened season, it is hard to bet against the Los Angeles Lakers if they are fully healthy. Injuries have derailed a large part of the season for the Lakers, but we should never underestimate a former championship team.