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Jalen Rose: ‘The Clippers Will Never Eclipse The Lakers In Los Angeles’

Jalen Rose: ‘The Clippers Will Never Eclipse The Lakers In Los Angeles’

The debate about which team is the ruler of Los Angeles doesn’t appear to have an end, even less after the eventful offseasons both the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers had this summer. Some people think the Lakers will always rule the town while others say it’s the Clippers.

Former NBA player Jalen Rose, for example, has given his take on this matter and he made a bold statement that can be the common thought for almost everybody in L.A. and the rest of the NBA.

During his ESPN show ‘Jalen & Jacoby’, Rose found himself debating with David Jacoby if the Clippers can ever surpass the Los Angeles Lakers as the most popular NBA team in L.A. following the arrival of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George to rival LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

“Never,” Jalen said. “You have the white-collar Lakers with 16 championships, of course they’re going to have more fans, they have more success, they have more Hall of Famers; they also have LeBron James, an iconic basketball player still playing at a peak performance and you add Anthony Davis, an All-NBA player who’s still ascending and I anticipate he’s going to be there for the long term. But they’re typical transplants to L.A. You come out there because what L.A. can provide for you, not the other way around.”

“Then you have the blue-collar Clippers with two players that are Californians. Home-grown. One went to Fresno, the other went to San Diego State. Neither didn’t go to USC or UCLA; it was more the blue-collar route. Both of those guys, high-impact basketball players. Not really boisterous or flamboyant off the floor. They’re not look-at-me type of players, even though their games are really loud when they participate in basketball games.”

“So now you have the white-collar Lakers, the blue-collar Clippers. For those that want to follow the North star, they’re still going to follow the Lakers because that level of autonomy that they built with that fanbase is never going to erode. Everybody loves a winner and the casual fan is going to bandwagon a winner.”

Rose explained how every Laker and Clipper fan must feel about their respective team. If the Clippers ever aspire to overtake the Lakers in popularity, they will have to wait plenty of years before those dreams come to reality.