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Jalen Rose: ‘There Is Real Tension Between Kevin Durant And The Warriors’

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Everything is not said between the Golden State Warriors and their former star Kevin Durant, who hasn’t missed the chance to show his discontent for his time in the Bay. KD recently explained how he believed the Dubs had to play when they landed in a specific round of the playoffs, as to Stephen Curry replied saying the system they played took them to win two championships.

Jalen reacted to all these comments and added that the tension is real between Kevin Durant and the Warriors. During Thursday’s edition of ESPN’s ‘Jalen & Jacoby’ podcast, the former NBA star said:

“There is some tension there because he would have stayed,” Rose said. “So, anything that gets said after that, you don’t have to put a question mark. There is a period. He left. Final. And why do you leave a team that you make three straight NBA Finals with? You’re the Finals MVP twice, you get injured in your third year and everybody knew he was leaving the entire time.

“The MVP player leaving? We weren’t surprised. Why? Because he always acknowledged that he didn’t feel like he fit in. He always felt like going there was gonna take away the championship conversation from a great player that had already won scoring titles, that had already won MVPs, he wanted to eliminate that conversation from his critics, so once that happened, he can leave.”

“There won’t be the tension that happened when he went back to OKC as a fan base. When they go back, it’s gonna be hugs, they’re gonna be 100, but Steph as the leader of the Golden State Warriors, it’s up to him to defend their honor, defend their style of play and acknowledge those sacrifices. KD is doing the exact same thing.”

With all the things that have been said in recent times, it looks like that tension might grow ahead of the 2019/20 NBA season. KD is ready to start a new chapter with the Nets once he comes back from his ruptured Achilles, while the Warriors will try to prove they aren’t done in the league.