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Jamal Crawford Explains Why Kawhi Leonard Only Follows Him On Twitter

Credit: EPA

Credit: EPA

Jamal Crawford is not only one of the most talented basketball players with the ball in his hands, but also one of the coolest guys you can see off the court. He’s very good with the new generations of players and somehow a good scout when it comes to young ballers.

He was interviewed by ‘Kids Take Over’ and explained Kawhi Leonard only follows him on Twitter and not other NBA player. Kawhi last activity on Twitter dates from July 2015, but when he was more active, the Klaw followed only six Twitter accounts, including Crawford’s.

Asked on why the 2x NBA champions only followed him, Jamal replied that is because he knew Leonard's potential and all the things he could do before everybody else noticed.

“People asked me that before. I personally haven’t asked Kawhi about this, but I think what it is, before everybody knew Kawhi Leonard, I had seen him when he was just a rookie and I saw he was going to be a star. To be honest, I can’t even say [his potential was going to reach] this level, I just knew he’d be a star. I love how he plays, I love his game and so I think he remembered that I thought about him and liked his game before everybody else.

“...He follows Jumpman, he follows some brands he does business with and he follows me, which is pretty cool.”

If Kawhi is quiet in his daily life, he is even quieter on social media. This one has been a recurrent question for Jamal Crawford, who gave a similar answer to a Twitter fan back in 2016.

Whatever it is, JCrossover feels really happy about the fact that one of the best players on earth follows him on Twitter.