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Jamal Crawford Explains Why The Brooklyn Nets Are His Pick To Win The Title: "When The Game Slows Down In The Playoffs, You Need Guys Who Can Create Their Own Shots..."

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The Brooklyn Nets are one of the favorites for the NBA championship, and for good reason. They have 3 superstars in James Harden, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving which provides them with some amazing firepower, and it will show come playoff time.

Someone that believes in the Brooklyn Nets is a person that formerly played for the Nets, Jamal Crawford. Jamal Crawford was a capable scorer during his prime and is quite possibly the greatest sixth man of all time. Recently, Jamal Crawford broke down why the Brooklyn Nets could win the championship, and a lot of his faith comes from the fact that their Big 3 are all capable shot creators. Matthew Brooks and Alec Sturm reported on Crawford's words.

When asked if he thinks the Nets can go all the way in the postseason, he didn’t mince words, declaring, “I think they can win it.” He noted that like any championship team, some injury-related luck will be involved. The Nets have lost both Kevin Durant and now James Harden for extended periods of time due to hamstring injuries.

“But assuming everybody’s healthy, I think they’re too deep. I think they’re too good,” said Crawford.

“When the game slows down in the playoffs, you need guys who can create their own shots, especially when the opposition knows the whole playbook,” said Crawford of the Nets. “You need guys [who you can tell] ‘Hey, just go make a play,’ and I think they have a plethora of that and that will play to their hands when it gets late to the Finals.”

Amazing shot creators have often performed well in the playoffs: Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan are some obvious names that come to mind. All three of the Brooklyn Nets' stars can get their own shot against an opponent, and two of them are proven champions. They know what it takes, and this could be the season that the Brooklyn Nets end up winning a championship