Jamal Crawford On Michael Jordan Highlights: 'Never Seen Basketball Played Like This. This Is Art In Its Highest Form.'

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Credit: NBA

Credit: NBA

Watching Michael Jordan playing basketball must have been a great experience for those who saw him live, doing impressive things with the Chicago Bulls night in night out. MJ is widely considered the greatest player of all time and there is a reason for that. That is the image that he earned, he is the greatest winner in NBA history and every time you watch his highlights, you remember why so many people admire him.

Jamal Crawford summed up that very well when he quoted a tweet of Michael Jordan's highlights. You can see MJ doing his thing there, being the great player he always was, and Crawford was still in awe. They played together in pickup games and against each other in the NBA; yet, Crawford was like a kid seeing his idol's highlights.

"Never seen basketball played like this. This is art in it's highest form."

That's the Jordan effect, That's why so many people consider him the greatest player of all time because he was capable of making you feel you were watching art whenever he stepped on the court.

Some people may say highlights don't define what a player truly was but that doesn't apply to MJ. He was really that great.