Jamal Crawford On What Makes Chris Paul And Devin Booker Special: "They Are Both DOGS!!!”

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Devin Booker And The Suns Are Determined To Get Chris Paul To The Finals- "We Know How Bad He Wants It."

For the first time in 28 years, the Phoenix Suns are going to the NBA Finals. And, although you have to give Chris Paul, Monty Williams, and James Jones a lot of credit for this turnaround, you also have to talk about Devin Booker.

According to Jamal Crawford, the thing that stands out the most from the Booker-Paul duo is the fact that they're just too competitive. Beyond their skillsets, their mindset is what made them mesh that well this season:

"Before you even get to their skill sets, the love of the game from both of them would keep them connected. Then on the court, they are both DOGS!!!” Crawford told AZCentral via Direct Message. “I think CP is best when controlling the show, but he also is great when he has go-getters with him because that allows him to pick his spots even more flawlessly. And with Book, he is a natural assassin, but he is an underrated playmaker.”

“What sticks out to me is they know when the other has that ‘feel’ going, and they know how to step to the side, without losing themselves in the process,” Crawford added.

Chris Paul once lauded Booker's competitiveness as well and it's clear that he believed in him and his potential, as he wouldn't have agreed to be traded to the Suns in the first place:

“He’s really competitive,” Paul said when asked about Booker “Like I know Book, like I know Book and when we hoop or play against each other, we be about to fight. D—n near be about to fight a lot of times.”

The Suns are four wins away from winning their very first NBA Championship. Led by this pair of 'dogs', it seems like nothing, not even Giannis Antetokounmpo can stop them now.