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Jamal Murray Gives A Warning To The Lakers: "They Gotta Worry About Us Too."

(via Denver Stiffs)

(via Denver Stiffs)

The Denver Nuggets have been somewhat of an afterthought in the West all season long. Even after their comeback against the Utah Jazz, nobody was giving them much of a chance to beat the Clippers.

But, 7 games later, it is Denver who is set to face off against the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals. In the aftermath of their win, with eyes set to the upcoming matchup, Nuggets star Jamal Murray gave a simple warning to his team's newest competitors...

"They gotta worry about us, too."

Nikola Jokic elaborated, saying he and his squad aren't going to give it much thought.

"We're not gonna go in there and think about them. It's gonna be a long night for us. We just need to go out there with effort, and having fun. It's simple for us."

The Lakers should not take this team lightly. At a minimum, the Nuggets have proved they are fighters who will not give up until it's over. They've shown how good they can be when Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray are playing at their best. They've shown amazing chemistry, heart, and togetherness throughout the roster.

With a few days off before their first Conference Finals clash, both teams will have the chance to prepare for their new challengers. And something says that neither of them will underestimate the other.