Jamal Murray Takes A Big Shot At His Own Teammates: "This Angle..."

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(via Denver Stiffs)

(via Denver Stiffs)

The Denver Nuggets lost a winnable game at home vs. the Washington Wizards last night. That happens, there's nothing to be worried about with that. However, the way they lost the game must have them scratching their heads right now.

Down 2, the Nuggets had a 3-on-1 fast-break to tie or win the game. Jamal Murray picked up his dribble beyond the arc, got doubled-team, and not one of the other three Nuggets on the perimeter even considered cutting to get a wide-open layup.

The outcome was as bad as you'd expect. Facundo Campazzo air-balled a three-pointer and the Wizards dodged a massive bullet.

Apparently, Jamal Murray wasn't pleased with his teammate's basketball IQ on this play, and seemed to take a slight shot at them by posting a picture where it clearly shows that Campazzo, Monte Morris, and Michael Porter Jr had a chance to be wide-open below the rim had they moved a couple of feet.

This tendency to chug three-pointers every time they have a chance of doing so isn't winning basketball all the time, and the Nuggets could've pulled this off by just going back to fundamentals.

Murray's antics, however, didn't sit well for some people online, who called him out for picking up his dribble too early or for posting that rather than keeping it on the locker room:

At the end of the day, the Nuggets will certainly learn from this blatant mistake, and perhaps Twitter isn't the best place to break down film.