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James Dolan Reportedly Tried to Get Jeanie Buss to Relocate The Lakers

(via Los Angeles Times)

(via Los Angeles Times)

The Staples Center has been the infamous home of the Lakers since 1999 -- it has stayed that way ever since. Today, the center has become one of the most well-known arenas in professional sports and is a big reason why the Lakers find so much success, even in times of turmoil.

Despite L.A. being a traditional and historically proud franchise, James Dolan tried (on several occasions) to bring a major change.

According to Stefan Bondy and Nancy Dillon of the New York Daily News, Knicks owner James Dolan tried (and failed) to convince Lakers majority owner Jeanie Buss to move the Lakers several times.

Dolan said he twice attempted to get Jeanie Buss to consider relocating the Lakers, who last played in the Forum regularly in 1999, to Inglewood.

This report is part of a leak provided by the media, in which Dolan and the Madison Square Garden company sued the city of Inglewood concerning The Forum, a venue MSG owns, and a new Los Angeles Clippers arena.

Dolan filed the lawsuit against Inglewood in an effort to protect his investment in The Forum, which continues to host concerts and other entertainment events. If the Clippers build a new arena about a mile away, it could take over as the area's top choice for top acts, per Bondy and Dillon.

The Lakers and Clippers currently share Staples Center, a partnership that has proved to be inconvenient for both teams, especially the Clippers. The funding for this new Clippers arena was supposed to the chance to separate the teams, but Dolan's lawsuit (in which he claims he knows very little about anything) is making it impossible.

Projected to be two of the best teams in the league next season, the Lakers and Clippers will be faced with increased tensions and rivalries as they look to maximize the success in 2020.