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James Harden And Russell Westbrook Are The Highest Scoring Duo In NBA History

James Harden And Russell Westbrook Are The Highest Scoring Duo In NBA History

James Harden and Russell Westbrook have shown everybody that they can do more than good playing together. This season is the first one they share in Houston and contrary to what many people believed, they've been just fine for Mike D'Antoni's team. Their roles were defined, everybody knows what they have to do on the court and the result is one of the most exciting duos in the league right now.

The Rockets have been great in the bubble and their dynamic duo is responsible for that. These two understand each other very well on the court and the wins they've achieved in the Orlando bubble are the biggest proof of that. Moreover, Harden and Westbrook recently became the highest-scoring duo in NBA history. Their performances in the bubble have been remarkable and that earned them this honor.

They average 61.7 points per game right now, which tells you how important they are for their team. If something happened and they don't play or score in the next four games, they would still finish the season at a minimum 57.9 PPG. Even if they don't score in those four games, they would be better than the duo behind them, composed by Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant, who recorded 57.5 points per game.

If you still have doubts that these guys can't play well together, think again. Even with the small ball strategy, the Rockets remain a strong candidate in the Western Conference. The Beard and Brodie are the main responsible for that. Don't sleep on these guys, who look focused on the prize and if they get hot at the right moment, the rest of the conference will have trouble trying to stop them.