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James Harden And Stephen Curry In Awe While Watching Michael Jordan And Magic Johnson At Top 75 NBA All-Star Event

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It's been almost a month since it happened, but the NBA Top 75 ceremony at the 2022 All-Star Game keeps making noise around the league. Watching so many legends together, celebrating the game we all love was something special, and not even modern-day superstars could believe what they were living. 

The 75 best players of all time met at Rocket Mortgage Arena, with some making surprise appearances, like Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman. MJ stole all the attention as soon as he arrived, becoming that competitive monster he was during his best days, going after former rival and friend Magic Johnson. 

During this interaction, somebody caught James Harden, Stephen Curry, Ray Allen, and Dwyane Wade watching the other two legends. It was all fun between Jordan and Johnson, but Harden and Curry couldn't hide the amazement in their faces. 

The two former MVPs were astounded watching the two MJs, looking like some kids while watching two of the greatest to ever do it. One would imagine they would have taken things differently, but this is Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson. No matter how honored and great you are, you'll probably be stunned if you see the two legends. They reacted the way we would have, too. 

It was a wholesome moment for Harden and Curry, who must treasure that like anything else in the world. Meanwhile, they keep trying to lead their respective squads to the top of their conferences. Harden has proven to be a terrific addition to the Philadelphia 76ers, while Curry is trying to recover the Golden State Warriors' best form after a couple of weeks full of inconsistency. 

Hopefully, they could learn a thing or two from Johnson and Jordan. Having two of the greatest players of all time in front of you must be an incredible experience and these two enjoyed it to the max.