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James Harden Breaks Record For Most Three-Pointers Missed In NBA History

James Harden Breaks Record For Most Three-Pointers Missed In NBA History

James Harden is a transcendental scorer, an MVP, and one of the best to ever do it. His time in Houston saw him carry his franchise on his back and get them close to beating the KD-era Golden State Warriors. However, despite his many achievements and accolades, Harden has now discovered a really bad one. On Saturday night, Harden broke the record for the highest number of three-pointers missed by a player in NBA history. 

Harden has now missed 4,457 three-pointers, 1 more than Ray Allen who held the record with 4,456. The third-place incidentally belongs to Jamal Crawford, who is well behind the two at 4,158. Harden went 2/5 from beyond the arc for the Nets against New Orleans in a win, so the sting of this record was probably taken away a little bit. 

Missing three-point shots is mostly just a side-effect of taking a high volume, so this is one record that will inevitably be broken by several modern players. This list looks similar to the list of top players in three-point makes, as Reggie Miller and Steph Curry also join Ray Allen and James Harden in the top 5

Harden is averaging his lowest points per game total since his last season as a part of the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2011-12. The Beard has struggled this season, even though he has shown flashes of what has made him one of the best players in basketball over the last decade. 

Kevin Durant is now set to miss some time after an injury sustained in the very same game that Harden broke the three-point miss record, which means he will have to be the lone star for a few weeks to come. Brooklyn is quite close to regaining the 1st seed in the Eastern Conference and if Harden can lead them to that, this particular record is unlikely to be spoken about again anytime soon.