James Harden Gets Annoyed At Giannis Antetokounmpo For Lengthy Free Throw Routine

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Giannis Antetokounmpo is a 2x MVP, 5x All-Star, and 5x All-NBA player. Apparently, he's also the world's leader at performing the longest free-throw routine.

For whatever reason, the guy takes forever at the charity stripe and has actually been called for a violation multiple times throughout the years.

He did it again on Thursday night, much to the displeasure of James Harden, who was visibly annoyed watching Giannis prepare to shoot.

The clip, which went viral online, shows the whole thing.

Honestly, half of the NBA fanbase is probably feeling that same thing.

In an important playoff game, the last thing people want to see is Giannis taking all day to shoot free throws. It slows the game down and just kind of gets old after a while.

But, to Giannis' credit, it must be somewhat effective for him, as he finished the night going 6-10 from the line. If you're a Bucks fan, you'd much rather Giannis take his time than just start missing those. Just look at what's happening to Ben Simmons in Philly. 

Regardless, though, let's hope Giannis shortens up his routine a bit. The refs are starting to call it and even fellow players are getting annoyed.