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James Harden Gives His Thoughts On Carmelo Anthony Joining Houston


The Houston Rockets are still a massive chance to win a championship in the next couple of seasons, and adding Carmelo Anthony to the mix may be just what they need to get them there.

James Harden, the 2017-18 NBA MVP is the latest person to agree with the idea of the Rockets going after Carmelo.

"It would be a great acquisition for us," Harden told Matt Young of the Houston Chronicle. "Melo's a proven vet. He just wants to win at this point, so it would be great for him to be on our team. The current roster we have now, we've got good guys back and we keep making forward progress."

Carmelo Anthony was traded from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Atlanta Hawks last week in an effort to dump his contract, but is now expected to be waived and become a free agent.

According to a league source, Anthony has already told people that he is expecting to end up starting the 2018-19 season in Houston.

Harden’s teammate and Anthony’s close friend, Chris Paul, is also interested in the idea of Carmelo Anthony joining the Rockets lineup.

Anthony’s average points may have taken a fall to 16.2 points last season -- a career-low -- but at 34-years-old, he still has major scoring prowess, making a career-high 169 three-pointers last season.

The 10-time NBA All-Star has never won a championship in his 16-season career so far, with time running out, this may be Carmelo’s biggest chance to achieve the ultimate prize of the NBA that every player plays for.