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James Harden Makes Huge Promise To Houston Fans After $1 Million Donation To Hurricane Harvey Relief


Rocket fans, strap in your seatbelts, I have a feeling you're all going to like this news.

On Saturday, Rockets' guard and 2017 MVP runner-up James Harden announced he plans to donate $1 million to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, something that will definitely help out those affected by the catastrophic weather event.

Harden signed a massive 4-year extension with the Rockets this past July, worth a reported $228 million, making it the biggest extension in NBA history, so it's no wonder The Beard decided to donate so much.

"This is home for me," Harden told reporters, according to KPRC-TV's Adam Wexler. "I wanted to say thank you to J.J. Watt, what he's doing for the city. Thank you to the mayor, for helping me. I just want to donate and give back to the community as much as I can, so I'm going to donate $1 million to the city and to areas that need it and to people that need it to make the city stronger."

That quote leads us into the news that's bound to make Houston fans scream with joy.

Only a few hours after news broke that Harden plans to donate $1 million to relief efforts, a Twitter user by the name of @edgarguerrero23 tweeted at Harden:


As you can tell, Rocket fans really love their star player. The thing is though, James actually responded to the tweet:


That's right, James Harden plans to play in Houston for the rest of his career.

Even though the Rockets did lock him up for at least the next six years with the aforementioned contract extension (barring any crazy trades), it's comforting to see Harden wants to play out the rest of his days as a member of the Houston Rockets.