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James Harden On Houston Rockets Future: "Right Now, I'm Just Focused On Being Here."

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Right now, Rockets fans must be asking whether the James Harden trade saga will ever come to an end. It has blown up across the internet, with every fanbase wanting their franchise to get a piece of the action. James Harden is a valuable asset in NBA franchise terms: superstars aren't available for trade often, and when they are they command a lot of value in the trade market. Superstars win championships, and every franchise at its core wants a championship for its city.

James Harden has been pretty apparent about demanding a trade to a contender: he has multiple destinations in his mind and it doesn't matter where he goes. However, as the Houston Rockets have stalled in completing a trade, Harden is currently a member of the Houston Rockets. Legion Hoops reported that James Harden gave a non-committal answer to whether he wants to remain a member of the Houston Rockets.

James Harden is definitely focused on playing for the Rockets because he wants to get traded, and perhaps the best way to get traded is to remind the world how good he is. James Harden came in late to the preseason after being spotted partying in clubs, yet it was recently reported that Harden claimed he was with his trainers, despite obvious evidence suggesting otherwise. In fact, the superstar's party habits are known to most within the organization, as seen in a Bleacher Report tweet.

It is clear that Harden is unhappy in Houston and that they have a problem with a disgruntled superstar. Right now Harden is on the Rockets and will continue playing for them: but don't be surprised if teams realize what an opportunity they have to acquire the former MVP.