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James Harden Opens Up About Russell Westbrook Trade

James Harden Opens Up About Russell Westbrook Trade

One of the biggest reunions in the NBA took place when the Oklahoma City Thunder decided to part ways with Russell Westbrook and sent him to the Houston Rockets to reunite him with James Harden.

Westbrook and Harden were part of the Oklahoma City Thunder squad that looked ready to take the world by storm alongside Kevin Durant and Serge Ibaka. Even though they only reached one NBA Finals together, that team is one of the most talented we’ve seen in the association in a long time.

After that team broke up and every player made a career on their own, things are different now, with some wondering, and worrying about the way Westbrook and Harden will play together now that they are paired up again at the Toyota Center.

At a recent Adidas event, Harden finally spoke about the Westbrook trade and said he's not worried at all about the team's cohesion.

"When you have talent like that, it works itself out," Harden explained. "You got guys that are willing to sacrifice, it always works itself out.”

With the addition of Westbrook and the Golden State not looking as sharp as they used to, the Rockets have a great opportunity to take the throne of the West and claim the NBA title next season. Yet, even though the Warriors aren’t the team to beat next season, Houston will face fierce competition from other franchises ready to make a statement as well.