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James Harden Ranks 1st In Nine Offensive Stats This Season

James Harden Ranks 1st In Nine Offensive Stats This Season

James Harden remains one of the best players in the NBA this season but only saying that doesn't make justice to all the things Harden has been capable of doing this campaign. The Houston Rockets star is having a terrific season with his team, but when you take a look at his personal stats, things took another dimension.

To say he's been dominant is an understatement. Harden is currently leading the league in nine offensive categories. He's just at that level. Points per game, total points, field goal made, field goal attempts, 3-point field goals made, 3-point field goal attempts, free throws made, free throw attempts, and points off turnovers all categories are led by Harden right now.

Yes, he plays in a system where he has the ball in his hands every position so it's not crazy to see him leading all these categories. Still, it's very impressive. He takes a lot of shots every game and just as he makes them, he misses them; Harden also leads the league in field goals missed with 783.

He's playing on a different level this season and seeing his performances in scrimmage games, he's not slowing down. Harden is on a mission to take the Rockets to the promised land and even though the journey will be anything but easy, the Beard is doing things that make the Rockets fans dream about the NBA championship.

The NBA is returning in one day with every single team fighting for one goal, the Larry O'Brien trophy. Harden and his team are part of those teams and he's hopeful to keep his numbers on the way to the title.