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James Harden Reportedly Told Kevin Durant Twice That He'd Sign Extension With Nets

James Harden and Kevin Durant

After just 80 games with the Brooklyn Nets, James Harden was traded to the 76ers in a huge blockbuster deal.

It was a huge shock for the NBA community and, perhaps, even more so for the Nets players themselves.

According to Kevin Durant, Harden had told him twice over the summer that he'd sign an extension to stay with the team.

Evidently, something changed his mind. 

(via Bleacher Report)

Durant’s relationship with Harden began to blossom again. They went on a trip to Greece this past summer, and the guard twice reassured Durant that he’d sign an extension to stay in Brooklyn long term, according to league sources.

In October, Irving refused to be vaccinated, citing personal reasons. His decision meant he wouldn’t play for the first two months, leaving Harden, Nash, and Durant—all vaccinated—to routinely answer questions about his absence.

Harden's frustrations are at least somewhat merited. Even Irving acknowledged that Durant was annoyed at times with his unavailability to play due to his unvaccinated status.

James Harden joined the Nets to create a powerful and successful 'Big Three' with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. And, initially, things looked good for Brooklyn. Harden, Irving, and Durant appeared to have a good relationship and they had injuries to blame for falling short in 2021.

Eventually, the positives vibes turned into something else as Harden's tenure became bruised with disappointment, drama, and mediocrity. Kyrie Irving was causing havoc behind the scenes, KD was out with injury, and Harden was left to lead a broken and bruised Nets team. Needless to say, it's not the situation he signed up for.

So far, in Philly, things have been better. He's averaging 23 points and 9.8 assists on 42% shooting. The 76ers are 3rd in the East.

But, if nothing else, Harden's experience in Brooklyn proves how quickly things can change and there is no telling what the future has in store.