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James Harden Responds To Outrage By Fans Who Thought He Was Wearing A 'Blue Lives Matter' Mask

(via Twitter/NBA Central)

(via Twitter/NBA Central)

People are fighting for social justice and racial equality now more than ever before. And while the movement is doing a good enough job calling out and exposing those who may be racist or sexist, others argue that is causing some unnecessary problems.

James Harden, for example, recently got flamed for wearing a mask appearing to don the logo of the "Blue Lives Matter" movement.

He eventually went on the record to defend himself, claiming he wore the mask because he simply liked how it looked.

The problem with supporting the police now, at least for some people, is that it goes against their agenda of holding them accountable for their abuse of power and the tragic killing of black people. To them, showing support for the cops at this time means not showing support for the black community.

But that conclusion may be jumping the gun. Harden said that he wasn't trying to make a political statement and the fact that so many tried to make it seem like he was is unfortunate and just flat out wrong.

Needless to say, things are tense right now. And as an NBA player, Harden is caught right in the middle of it.