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James Harden Says The Bucks Are The Team To Beat In The East, Not Nets

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It's not a secret that the Brooklyn Nets are the most overpowered team in the NBA right now, at least when it comes to their offense.

If having James Harden, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Durant wasn't enough, they added the likes of Patty Mills, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Paul Millsap to a team that was pretty close to making the NBA Finals last year.

Even so, Harden doesn't think that they're the team to beat in the Eastern Conference right now. Instead, people should focus on the Milwaukee Bucks.

"Asked if the Nets have a target on their backs, James Harden points out the Bucks won the title and the conference goes through them," Alex Schiffer of The Athletic tweeted.

That makes sense. Even if the Nets are the better team on paper, the Bucks are still the reigning NBA Champions and will require plenty of attention as such.

Even so, Harden is pretty confident in his team's ability to get past everybody in the league, claiming that they just got scarier ahead of next season:

"Asked about scary hours and if they're still to come, James Harden says "It's even scarier now," Schiffer added.

The Nets are as stacked as you could only dream of. They're an NBA 2K team in real life and should have enough resources to get past every single team in the world.

Barring injury or poor chemistry, Steve Nash's team should be one of the clear-cut favorites to go the distance this season, and even if they don't say it like that, it's "championship or bust" for them right now.

Even so, they should be wary of being overconfident, as the league has plenty of talented teams that could put them against the wall if they don't bring their A-Game every single night.