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James Harden Shoots 18% In Game 4 As Lakers Take 3-1 Lead



With the Lakers up 2-1 entering tonight's match, Game 4 was a crucial and pivotal moment for the Rockets, who could be facing major changes if they don't make things interesting in this round against L.A.

Unfortunately, H-Town couldn't get it done and are looking at a 1-3 deficit against the West's top seed.

Anthony Davis exploded for 29 while LeBron James did his best Magic Johnson impression, but it was James Harden who became the story of the night.

He made just 2 field goals the entire game, going 2/11 from the field, or just 18%. Considering Harden's history of playoff failures, it wasn't a good look to have yet another poor performance and, on Twitter, fans let him know it wasn't acceptable as they lauded L.A.'s dominance.

There's still a chance that the Rockets can come back in this series, but the odds are definitely not in their favor.

Ultra-small-ball just doesn't seem to be as effective in the playoffs, especially against a team that has LeBron James and Anthony Davis. In the end, more than just the Rocket's season is on the line her.e

D'Antoni's job and the entire future of that roster could be in jeopardy.

We'll see how they come out in Game 5.