James Harden Suffers Apparent Hamstring Injury In Nets-Bucks Game 1

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James Harden has been a key player for the Brooklyn Nets. His combination of scoring and playmaking has made him irreplaceable for the Nets, as he runs the offense while still providing a scoring threat. The Nets offense loses a lot without him, and he is definitely one of the reasons they have been a top-tier offensive team.

It seems as though luck isn't on the Brooklyn Nets' side today. James Harden has suffered a hamstring injury that sent him to the locker room during the very first minute of the game. There is no news yet on whether he will come back in the game.

It is important for the athlete to take care of themselves first, and if it is a serious injury, then James Harden should sit out to avoid aggravating the injury further. However, we've seen athletes play through minor injuries before. Hopefully, James Harden is alright and is able to play soon. There is no doubt that the Brooklyn Nets need him, and James Harden is an integral part of their rotation.