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James Harden Vows To Bring The Best Out Of Melo


James Harden, Chris Paul and the Houston Rockets got their Championship hopes cut short last season, when they lost in 7 to Golden State Warriors.

Over the past month, they haven't done much to improve their chances, and some even say they took a major step back after losing some key players.

Insert 10x All-Star Carmelo Anthony into the picture, and the status of the team gets cloudy. With Anthony, the Rockets could potentially bolster their offense if he plays up to par. If he plays poorly, he could end up being a liability.

James Harden is aware of all the noise regarding Anthony's upcoming arrival, and he seems determined to make things work (via OTD World):

“I and Chris Paul and the whole team are talking each day so that every player is in the right place.” “Obviously there are players with strong egos, we have lots of talent.” Everyone in the world knows what Carmelo brings to each team, how talented and how much more he can If he comes to Rockets, I’ll only get the best out of him."

Well, there you have it.

It might sound like a daunting task, but if anyone has the capability of bringing out the best in Melo's fading talents, it's Harden.