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James Harden Wants To Revolutionize A New Step-Back 'One-Legged Three' Signature Move

(via the Wall Street Journal)

(via the Wall Street Journal)

Dirk's step-back three and Kareem's sky-hook are probably the most recognizable moves in NBA history. And they were even more successful than they were famous.

James Harden, as he revealed to, would like to add his own signature move to the All-Time list: a one-legged three.

"I'm always trying to be creative," Harden told ESPN this weekend at a charity event. "I'm always trying to get better -- at basketball, life, businesswise. I'm always trying to find ways to be impactful. With basketball, you have to be creative. This is my 11th year, and every single year I want to get better. I don't want to stay the same. You've got to find ways to keep growing."

He's hoping that adding a signature, go-to move will help put him another rung above the rest.

"I'm not sure; it's something that I work on," Harden said as he began listing off a who's who of All-Time greats and their signature moves. "But you know how Mike [Jordan] has his fadeaway and Dirk [Nowitzki] has his one-leg and [Kareem Abdul-Jabbar] had the skyhook, I want my step-back to be one of those moves that last forever. So when I travel around the world and I see little kids that [say], 'Hey James, I got a step-back!' -- I love to see that."

For 29-year-old Harden, he is going to do whatever it takes to help his Rockets earn an NBA Championship this upcoming season. And yes, that includes the "one-legged" he plans to unveil in a few months.