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James Harden Warns The NBA About Kyrie Irving Returning To Nets: "It's Going To Be Scary Hours"

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

James Harden made his debut with the Brooklyn Nets on Saturday and truth be told, he looked just great playing alongside Kevin Durant. They earned a 122-115 win over the Orlando Magic at the Barclays Center with Durant scoring 42 points and Harden dropping 32 points on the Magic.

They looked so well together that the rest of the league should be worried about these two and what they can do when Kyrie Irving returns to the team after a tumultuous couple of weeks where he didn't play a single game and starred in some controversial incidents. Well, now that's part of the past and Kyrie is set to return to the floor with these dangerous-looking Nets.

After the game was over, Harden couldn't hide his excitement about this new chapter, warning everybody about the Nets, especially when Kyrie makes his comeback. Harden knows the team looks very good and the addition of Kyrie can take them to the next level.

“I’m so excited for Ky to get back," Harden said after the game. "He’s a key piece to what we’re trying to do. The chemistry, the sooner we can build that, the sooner we can be on the court together, it’s going to be scary hours.”

That was a warning for the rest of the NBA. Harden and Durant played great together, just like KD and Kyrie did during the first couple of games of the team. That doesn't mean they will be perfect with Kyrie but it shows that these players can figure things out. It's all about winning and as long as they keep that mentality, the Nets will be a threat for the rest of the league.