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James Harden Was Thrilled To Finally Get A Foul Call Against The Bulls

James Harden Was Thrilled To Finally Get A Foul Call Against The Bulls

James Harden has been struggling a lot this season. Perhaps no one has been affected by the NBA's change in foul rules than Harden. Prior to this season, Harden was a master at drawing contact and getting to the foul line but it is a completely different story this year.

Harden has been averaging 4 free throws a game this season, the lowest since his second season in Oklahoma City in 2011. His free throw numbers have slowly risen over the last few games, as he is slowly starting to figure it out. But at one point, his free throw attempts were the lowest of his career.

Some believe that Harden has been unfairly targeted by the new foul rules. It has gotten to the point where he isn't getting foul calls that he should be getting due to his reputation as a foul-baiter. Nets' head coach Steve Nash felt that Harden had unfairly become the poster child of the new rule change.

During the Nets' most recent outing against the Chicago Bulls, Harden finally got a little bit of luck to go his way. During a drive to the basket, the refs called a foul and Harden was sent to the free-throw line. A look of joy and relief came across Harden's face, who has been frustrated many times by referees' decisions this season.

Harden has been one of the more disappointing stars this season. His numbers this season are nowhere where they used to be. But many think that this is because Harden is still recovering from the hamstring injury he suffered last season. They also back him to get back to his routine numbers when he figures everything out.

Harden's confidence has slowly been growing since he notched a triple-double against the Pistons, and he said so himself. While he is still making some mistakes, like his 'brain fart' against the Pistons, he is slowly getting back to the offensive juggernaut that we've seen in the past.