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James Harden's Retweet In 2012 Became The Truth: MVP Durant, Breakout Season Harden, ROY Kyrie, Best Coach Pop, Best IQ Nash

(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

So, it turns out that James Harden might be the present-day Nostradamus. Back in 2012, he sent out a bizarrely accurate tweet of events that would play out in the NBA over the next couple of years.

Included in the tweet are his would-be former teammates, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, and his coach, then-player, Steve Nash.

It's obviously just a case of pure coincidence here, but it didn't stop the fans from taking over the comment section...

Honestly, what were the odds that those four would end up on the same team together? In 2012, Kyrie was a rookie, Harden was a sixth man on the Thunder, and Kevin Durant was working on his third scoring title. Steve Nash was still on the Suns.

Now, all three players are teammates in Brooklyn, of all places, and Nash is running the sidelines as their head coach.

Harden may or may not have superpowers, but it doesn't make this situation any less amazing.