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James Worthy: '“A Lot Of Them Are Untouchable Like Harden Or Curry... Can’t Even Breath On Them.”

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

The game of basketball has changed a lot throughout the years, especially in the NBA. The league always favors offense, scorers, flashy plays, three-pointers, and it seems like the defense is a lost art. That trend worries some of the former legends of the game.

The lack of hand-checking and the way some officials referee the games has made some old school fans even give up in the NBA. Others just cherish the evolution of the game and enjoy it regardless of the era.

That doesn't seem to be the case with Lakers' great James Worthy, as he recently said during his team's scrimmage vs. the Dallas Mavericks that you can't even breath on some players (like James Harden or Stephen Curry) or it'll be called a foul:

“Not hand-check. They’ve taken that away from the game, and you used to be able to use your forearm — as long as you didn’t extend it — that’s been good defense throughout the NBA. And I think that would, you know, challenge some of these scorers who, a lot of them, like (James) Harden and (Stephen) Curry, you can’t touch ’em — you can’t even breathe on them — or it’s a foul. I’d like to see the game get back a little bit to where you can tag them a little bit," Worthy claimed.

It's not a secret that some players get that superstar treatment and tend to get favorable calls more often than not. It's also not a secret that James Harden and Stephen Curry have the skills to score on anybody and frustrate their rivals on every play, hand-check, or not.

Us, personally, just enjoy the game as it continues to evolve. It's different to what we grew up to but no one can stop change.