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James Worthy Claims That LeBron James Is A Master At The Point Guard Position

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LeBron James is a point-forward: a player who has the athletic build of a forward yet who plays like a point guard, setting up his teammates. LeBron James is the best player of this generation of players, and he has earned his fame due to his team-first attitude in making sure that his teammates are involved. Elevating your teammates is one of the signs of a great player, and LeBron James does just that.

Everyone knows that LeBron James is a great passer, but Los Angeles Lakers legend James Worthy went one step further. After the game, James Worthy declared that LeBron is a master at the point guard position.

You don’t always get the shot but you want to feel that basketball when you are out there. You want to catch it and swing it yourself, make a pick, or something else. And LeBron made sure that he gets people involved. He draws so much attention and he’s learned over the years, he knows where the people are, he knows where the defenses are coming.

I saw him a few games ago. He knew Pope needed to get some shots, he was looking for Pope. I have seen him look for Wesley Matthews; guys who might be in a little slump, he always finds a way to get them back involved in addition to keeping everyone else in flow. So he’s a master at the point guard position.

James Worthy highlights the fact that LeBron James actively looks for his teammates. People often double-team LeBron James, and the correct answer for him is to find the open man. LeBron James is an unselfish player who has mastered being a playmaker, and that is what makes him so lethal.