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James Worthy Is Disappointed After Lakers Lose To Timberwolves: "It Didn't Feel Like They Were All-In."

LeBron James Says The Lakers "Have No Chemistry With Any Lineup" Because They Haven't Played Enough Together”

The Los Angeles Lakers have been a model of inconsistency all season long. With many holes on both sides of the court, the 17x Champs have yet to hit the stride that delivered them a championship two seasons ago.

After their most recent loss against the Timberwolves, James Worthy commented on the state of the team and spoke about where their mind was at amid the rise of COVID.

"It just seems like the Lakers have been somehow stumbling through it all season long whether it's injuries, COVID, suspension, whatever. You still have to go out and play the game, but this COVID thing has got to be wearing on a lot of people mentally. Tonight, it didn't feel like they were all-in."

After their loss against the Wolves, the Lakers fell to 16-14 on the season, a record that is obviously way below expectations. 

In the 30 games that have played out so far, fans have been hard at work trying to identify the biggest problem with their team. Whether it's a lack of intensity from Anthony Davis, shortcomings on the defensive end, or an aging LeBron James, there are many potential reasons for L.A.'s struggles.

For now, though, the Purple and Gold will continue to try and turn things around and prove all the doubters wrong.