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James Worthy Picks Michael Jordan Over LeBron James For The Best Player Of All Time

(via CNN International)

(via CNN International)

Thanks to "The Last Dance," Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls have been the topic of many conversations in the NBA community.

With the documentary serving as a testimony to all their dominance in the 90s, their claim as the greatest dynasty in league history has more standing than ever before and Jordan's title as the GOAT seems more secure than it's ever been.

NBA superstar James Worthy was one of the most recent voices to step up in Jordan's defense and, in an appearance on the ‘Inside The Green Room’ podcast, he shared why Mike is the best player ever.

"If I had to make my choice, I’m going with MJ because I played with him. I know he’s deadly, and I don’t think there’s anybody in the league today that has the tenacity that he had,” Worthy said.

For all that Jordan was able to accomplish on the court, one of his greatest abilities may not have even been something physical. Year after year, we all saw the mental toughness, vigor and strength displayed MJ and it's often what separated him from his opponents.

He was willing to work harder than anyone else on the basketball court and he never let his adversaries get to him. That alone would have made him a player to fear but when you combine it with his extraordinary physical talents, there's few who can compete with that.

James Worthy is one who needs no convincing.