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James Worthy Said There Will Be A Parade In Downtown Los Angeles If Lakers Beat 76ers

Russell Westbrook

Coming into Wednesday night's matchup against Philly, the Los Angeles Lakers are facing overwhelming odds.

They haven't won back-to-back games in a while, and they'll have to win against the East's 3rd place team tonight, without LeBron James, to do it.

According to James Worthy, it will be a feat worthy of a parade.

"If they do [beat Philly] there's gone be a parade downtown. We know Philly, especially with the addition of Harden, can be a handful. But I've always said the Lakers will rise to the occasion when they play some of the upper echelon teams, and Philly is one of those teams. I expect them to be ready. It's a home game, it will be a good one for them to get a back-to-back win against +.500 teams. Look forward to it."

The 76ers are a mighty opponent. With James Harden and Joel Embiid, they have a strong and unstoppable duo that will be difficult to outmatch.

The Lakers, even with LeBron James, haven't been in the best of shape. They are just 30-41 this season and 9th in the Western Conference standings.

It will be up to Russell Westbrook to lead his team to victory. Fortunately for L.A. fans, he's on a mission to prove all his doubters wrong and tonight is an opportunity for him to make amends for some of his failures.

Russ says he knows outside people are doubting him and the Lakers: "Nothing better than shutting people up."

The game, which kicks off at 10:00 pm Eastern, will be the second time this year these teams have seen each other.

Back in January, the 76ers won in dominant fashion (105-87) on their home turf. The Purple and Gold are, obviously, hoping for a different result this time.