JaMychal Green Posts Big Message After Clippers' Collapse: "Still Don’t Know How TF We Lost"

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JaMychal Green Posts Big Message About Clippers' Collapse: "Still Don’t Know How TF We Lost"

A couple of weeks have gone by and people still don't understand how the Los Angeles Clippers let slip a 3-1 advantage against the Denver Nuggets, dramatically collapsing in Game 7 after being considered the biggest favorite to the title before and after the suspension. The team looked strong, with the right pieces to do the job and make it to the Western Conference Finals for the first time ever.

This has left people wondering what went wrong for them as not even their own players know what really happened during that series. JaMychal Green, probably the best bench player they had during the playoffs, took to Instagram to vent his frustration, leaving a message, expressing how all Clippers fans feel about the team's dramatic fall from grace.

"Still don’t know how tf we lost," Green wrote on Instagram with a picture of himself with his hands on his head.

If you want to know, Green, your team underperformed when it mattered the most. The two biggest stars on the roster disappeared in Game 7, the bench didn't respond when they needed it and the 'adjustments' made by the coach weren't the ones the team needed. All those factors led the Clippers to blow a 3-1 lead and make history but not for the right reasons.

This offseason will be very important for the Clippers if they want to succeed next year. Even Green's job is in jeopardy given how the season ended for the Clips. He could be in the move in the offseason, trying to find a new team that can actually compete and take him to win important things.