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Jared Dudley Agrees That 57-Year-Old Michael Jordan Is Quicker Than Him Right Now

(via ESPN)

(via ESPN)

Jared Dudley is a very cool guy who is aware of his limitations as a player. He's a strong presence in the locker room but Dudley the athlete won't be around for too long. Right now he's part of the Los Angeles Lakers, trying to contribute in different ways to the Purple and Gold.

He recently was trolled by former point guard Baron Davis, who claimed Michael Jordan could still play in the league since was as fast as Dudley. Davis shared a video of Jordan playing against some veterans, dominating the court.

“MJ can still play in the league. He Just as quick as Jared Dudley right now," Davis tweeted.

The Lakers forward reacted to these comments, agreeing with the former Clipper and Warrior.

"Man!!!! He quicker 😩😂 But they be goin 1-1 at his head every play!! 😂😂," Dudley replied.

We've seen a lot of stories about Jordan destroying younger players even after he retired from the game and as seen in the video Davis shared. That has led to more and more people joking and thinking that His Airness could be good in today's league.

Dudley, meanwhile, is focused on the NBA resumption. His Lakers will face the Clippers next Thursday in opening night. This season he is averaging 1.5 points, 1.1 rebounds and 0.5 assists in 7.8 minutes per game.