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Jared Dudley: 'D’Angelo Russell Would’ve Gone To Saudi Arabia For Max Contract'



Entering the offseason, D'Angelo Russell was considering joining a number of different teams following the news that he'd be replaced by Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn. He was linked to several teams, including the Nets, Jazz, Magic, Timberwolves, Pacers, Suns, Lakers.

The Warriors were not originally on that list until they made it known to the 2018 All-Star that they'd be willing to pay him $117M over the next four years. Despite large amounts of uncertainty and speculation, he was willing to join Golden State if it meant he could make the max.

In fact, according to Jared Dudley, he would have been willing to go just about anywhere for the max.

(via Ethan Strauss of The Athletic)

D’Angelo wanted to get the max. So I’m not surprised. He would’ve gone to, you know, Saudi Arabia, if he could have gotten the max there. I’m not surprised he took that.

Of course, this quote is obvious hyperbole. Still, the truth remains the same: Russell wanted the money.

At 23-years-old, he is certainly looking to capitalize on that opportunity as quick as he can. But in Golden State, he has the best of all worlds. He will make money, he will win, and he will get the chance to shine in the bright lights of San Fransisco.

It's no Saudi Arabia, but it should keep him happy nonetheless...