Jared Dudley Legendary Response After A Fan Calls Him Out: "Don't Let This NBA Fool You... I'm Like Bron Compared To You!"

Jared Dudley

Let's set the record straight once and for all. Even if he's a bottom-of-the-bench kind of NBA player, chances are that he's still better than 90% of the hoopers on Earth.

So, those guys who most people call benchwarmers, scrubs, busts, or whatever, could still destroy most of us one-on-one. Hell, I bet we couldn't even finish one of their workouts without throwing up.

That's why Jared Dudley had to dunk on a disrespectful fan who said that he couldn't score on him one-on-one with one of the most savages responses ever:

"Don’t let this NBA games fool you! Playing you one on one I would look like Bron! Bully you, esp a guy who wears a Fedora.. You like a buck 45 soaking wet," Dudley told the fan.

Jared Dudley has earned a bad reputation online because he does a lot of talking now that he plays for a championship team. Other than his veteran leadership on the bench, he's not doing much for them, as he rarely sees the floor.

We get it, he doesn't strike you as an athletic guy and he's not even a part of the rotation most nights. But he's an NBA veteran who has earned his stripes and is still there for a reason.

So yeah, even if you're ripped and can dunk and believe that you could beat an NBA player one-on-one, you just can't. Even the worst player in the league could dominate you from start to finish.