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Jared Dudley Made A Great Statement And Shot At The Clippers After Big Win

(via Los Angeles Times)

(via Los Angeles Times)

The Lakers won big this weekend. Following a victory over the NBA-leading Bucks, LeBron and the Lakers dominated against the Clippers.

A lot of chatter has been spewed about Bron and his squad this season, and they are providing an answer.

In a proud Twitter moment, Lakers veteran Jared Dudley made a number of points about his team, their status as an elite, and his former team, the Clippers.

So, Dudley made it clear: there were no excuses for the Clippers.

At the same time, he also roasted them rather harshly by implying that every game was a home game for the Lakers in that arena, despite the Clippers technically being the ones playing at home.

While we have yet to see what will happen in the postseason, the Lakers made a statement today: the path to a Championship goes through them. Jared Dudley made sure to let the world know as much, but the team will have to prove it this summer when it matters most.