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Jared Dudley On Clippers, Lakers Rivalry: "It’s Not Like A Serious Rivalry. It’s Not Like They Have Any Banners Hanging Up."

(via beIN SPORTS)

(via beIN SPORTS)

The Lakers and Clippers don't have much history, but they're about to create some this summer. With both teams poised for a long playoff run, it's almost inevitable that the two will meet when the stakes are highest.

Still, despite their current positioning, there are some who would hesitate to call the two team's relationship a rivalry. To some, and Jared Dudley included, it's nothing real serious.

“It’s huge. It’s a good rivalry. It’s a little fun. It’s not like a serious rivalry. It’s not like they have any banners hanging up. Trust me, I would know, I played for them.”

Jared played for the Clippers during the 2012-13 season. And while that team was actually one of the better ones in their history, winning has not been a tradition for the franchise.

Meanwhile, the Lakers have known winning for pretty much all their existence. When people think of rivals, they typically think of two teams that match up together, have a history with one another and have a deep-rooted sense of "hatred" for each other. The Lakers and Celtics matchup to that description, but the Clippers?

Obviously, Kawhi and the crew will look to change that narrative this summer with their revamped roster. But the only way to truly change things is to finally win that trophy in June.