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Jared Dudley Takes Hilarious Shot At Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons Shot NBA

Ben Simmons has been in everybody’s mouth in recent hours, as it looks like everyone wants a piece of him. Despite the bad start the Aussie had in the first game of the NBA Eastern Conference playoff, Simmons bounced back in the second one and disappeared the bad comments he and his team earned during that first encounter, or at least most of them.

If there is something that makes Simmons really shine, that’s fast-breaks, as he is one of the best in the league in that item. He surely can exceed doing any other thing, but for some, he’s only good when he can get out and run.

Brooklyn Nets veteran Jared Dudley has his opinion on that matter, as he thinks that the fast break is the only part of Simmons’ game that’s any good.

“I think Ben Simmons is a great player in transition. Once you slow him up in the half court I think he’s average,” Dudley told Sarah Todd of the Philadelphia Inquirer on Wednesday. “He’s a player that when he picks up speed he’s a load so you have to [send] guys with him. It’s taking away his easy baskets.”

Now, Dudley has a good point right there, and, we could witness all of that he mentioned during the first two game of the series between his team and Simmons’. In the first clash, Dudley took care of Ben and only left him score two points in 22 possessions, while in the second one, with Dudley out of competition with a right calf injury, Simmons did whatever he wanted, even scoring a triple-double (18 points, 12 assists and 10 rebounds), and so did the Sixers, who outscored the Nets in a tremendous way.

Dudley is clear to play the third game of the series and we will be able to confirm whether Simmons only had a bad game during the first games of the series or Jared was right with his statements. If he can stop Simmons again, the Nets will have huge chances to qualify to the next round, as they’re heading home for the next games.