Jason Kidd Admitts He Would "Love" To Coach LeBron

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Luke Walton is likely coaching his last few games in Los Angeles. A messy and dramatic season had the Lakers looking from the outside in on the playoff picture. Walton, who was an outsider from the beginning, will be almost guaranteed to be the first one to go as the team overhauls their roster this offseason.

With 34-year-old superstar LeBron James nearing his end, the Lakers will have to keep him in mind when choosing their next head coach. Walton isn't it, but could Kidd be the answer? Reports indicate the Lakers have no interest. Kidd, on the other hand, would love the opportunity.

(via ESPN's The Jump)

“When you talk about the best player in the world, you always are going to say yes because as a coach or as a teammate, he’s always going to make you better because you’re going to work,” Kidd said. “As a coach, X and Os, you got to be on point. And as a teammate, you’re going to work extremely hard because you know he’s going to need you to make that shot or come up with a defensive play. And so, that would be a great honor to coach any elite basketball player, and I’ve got that opportunity in Giannis (Antetokounmpo). And hopefully somewhere down the road, I can have another star.”

It is well known that Kidd is coveting an NBA coaching position. The Lakers seem to be his preferred landing spot.

The only question is whether or not Kidd is the right guy for them. He is similar to Walton in a lot of ways, and the Bucks seem to be better off since his firing.

No matter what, this is one decision they will have to get right.