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Jason Kidd Once Claimed Steve Kerr Is The "Superstar" Among Coaches: "He's The Michael Jordan."

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Steve Kerr is one of the most accomplished players and coaches in NBA history. He won five championships during his playing career, most notably being part of the dynastic Chicago Bulls. He was also part of the San Antonio Spurs dynasty, winning two championships with the team. As a coach, he won four championships with the Golden State Warriors. It is clear that whenever Steve Kerr is, winning follows.

There's no doubt that Steve Kerr commands the respect of his coaching peers. After all, few people can match his coaching resume, let alone the nine championships that he has won over the course of his playing days and his coaching career.

Jason Kidd Thinks Steve Kerr Is A Top-Tier Coach

Jason Kidd once called Steve Kerr a "superstar" coach, claiming that he's "Michael Jordan" or "Magic Johnson" when it comes to coaching. Kidd also added that Steve Kerr should be "right there" with Gregg Popovich when it comes to elite coaches. Melissa Rohlin of FOX Sports relayed the news.

"In the coaching fraternity, [Kerr] is the superstar," Kidd told FOX Sports. "He is the Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson. If you use the Spurs, the Tim Duncan, David Robinson. He's right there with Pop [Spurs coach Gregg Popovich] when you talk about superstar coaches."

Kerr has a theory as to why former role players have found more success in the coaching ranks."We didn't make as much money as those guys," Kerr quipped, flashing a wide grin, before delivering a serious response."

One theory I've always heard that I think makes some sense is that it's harder for superstar players to really understand how hard the game is for the lesser players. Whereas, if you were a lesser player, coaching makes more sense because you can really identify one through 15 what all the guys are going through, and you sort of had to figure out how to make an impact in the game. Maybe it forced you to examine things a little bit deeper."

Obviously, Jason Kidd has managed to witness the greatness of Steve Kerr firsthand. The Golden State Warriors defeated the Dallas Mavericks in the Western Conference Finals before winning the 2022 NBA championship.

It is quite possible that Steve Kerr will end up winning another championship with the Golden State Warriors next season. The Golden State Warriors have the talent to win again, and Steve Kerr's coaching will be key for the team.