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Jason Kidd Says Luka Doncic Needs A Scottie Pippen To Win A Title: “Michael Jordan Tried to Beat Detroit Pistons By Himself And Couldn’t Do It.”

Luka Doncic

Over the course of NBA history, there have been countless star-level players. For the best of the best, they've done just about everything. Guys like Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar were unstoppable forces of nature who won Championships, snagged MVPs, and won over the hearts of millions of fans.

But no matter how good a player is, there is a limit to what they can do. More than anything, basketball is a team sport and we are constantly reminded of that fact.

Over 75 years, no superstar has won a title on their own. For every Championship team, the star has had a worthy sidekick that is capable of stepping up and producing when needed.

In Dallas, young stud Luka Doncic is apparently still seeking his sidekick -- and might have trouble winning a title until he finds one.

“You look at Michael Jordan when he was young, tried to beat Detroit Pistons by himself and couldn’t do it,” said Mavs coach Jason Kidd. "Then he a running mate and made it simple. When the great ones make it easy and simple, it becomes fun. You can see that with Luka.”

No, Kidd isn't trying to take a shot at Jordan here. Despite what fans might want to believe, MJ's Bulls weren't always rulers of the NBA. Through much of the 80s, the team was getting clobbered by the Lakers, Celtics, and Pistons.

It wasn't until the Bulls brought in some help that the Bulls became the dominant force we all remember them as today. No doubt, it was Scottie Pippen who was Jordan's best teammate and his play on both ends of the floor helped make life easier for the 5x MVP.

Regarding Luka Doncic and his Mavericks, it's clear they don't yet have the talent needed to succeed in the West. Despite some flashes of greatness, they won't get far until they find a worthy partner for Luka.

Unfortunately, finding such a player will not be an easy feat.