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Jason Kidd Takes A Shot At Rudy Gobert: "Our Game Plan For The Jazz Isn't Going To Work Against The Suns. These Guys Can Put The Ball In the Basket."

Rudy Gobert

Ahead of Game 1 on Monday, Jason Kidd made sure to take one last shot at his team's fallen opponent.

Speaking on the strategy and game plan for the second round, the Mavs head coach noted the difference between the Jazz and Suns, citing how limited Jazz bigs (specifically Rudy Gobert) are on the offensive end.

"We have to adapt," Kidd said on the Suns. "Our game plan for the Jazz isn’t going to work against the Suns. We've already changed that mindset because we're not playing the Jazz. We understand their strength is the mid-range, but they can hurt you with the three in transition and they can hurt you in the paint with JaVale and Ayton. This isn't Gobert or Whiteside. These guys can put the ball in the basket. So, our bigs are going to be tested."

The situation in Utah is volatile. After finishing another season in disappointment, the Mitchell/Gobert duo is on the verge of a split and it could be ugly.

This week, it was even reported that Rudy will be pushing for either him or Mitchell to be traded this summer.

"I know I am not usually Utah Jazz breaking news guy, but a source close to the situation has informed me that Rudy Gobert is at "him or me" point with Donovan Mitchell and will demand that one of them be traded in the next few days. Doesn't feel they will win the championship together," wrote Sean O'Connell.

"Rudy feels that his own numbers are consistent or getting better, while Don is D liability and is falling off in terms of explosiveness. Gobert also aware of at least 1 Western Conference power that would be willing to pay handsomely for his abilities. (NBA teams never tamper..)"

No matter how Rudy Gobert feels about his co-star's game, the guy is far from perfect on the court. When it comes to scoring, he doesn't have the same shot-making ability that other star bigs have nowadays -- and it could be part of the reason why the Jazz have fallen so flat.

Whatever the case, they are out of the playoff picture now, and we will see soon how they adjust and respond to another failed campaign.