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Jason Kidd Wants To Coach The Warriors


Steve Kerr can't coach the Warriors forever right?

Even though that day is long off, Jason Kidd has already made himself the first in line to replace him. Earlier, the former Bucks head coach expressed his interest in one day coaching the Dubs after the eventual departure of Kerr (per Yahoo).

One day, I’ll come back and hopefully coach in the Bay Area. This has always been home. And so hopefully maybe in high school, maybe in college. Or maybe if Steve Kerr ever decides to stop coaching, I can maybe help out with the Warriors one day.

To Kidd's credit, he made no indication he was after Kerr's job in any way. It's not likely the team would even consider such a move right now anyway.

The 45-year old legend has formerly coached the Nets and Bucks, taking on two completely different situations. He didn't do much in terms of postseason success for either franchise, but definitely helped steer the ship in the right direction. For any team looking for a leader, they could certainly do worse.

That being said, the Warriors might end up considering Kidd in a few years, especially if they're in some sort of rebuilding process. While it probably doesn't improve his chances, it couldn't hurt for Kidd to go public in his future coaching dreams.

Like the infamous LaVar Ball put it, "Speak it into existence!"