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Jason Kidd Was Mic'd Up Against The Suns, He Gave The Mavs Great Instructions On The Defensive End

Jason Kidd Was Mic'd Up Against The Suns, He Gave The Mavs Great Instructions On The Defensive End

The Dallas Mavericks are getting ready to face the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals, the first time the Mavs have made it here since their 2011 Championship run. While a lot of the credit has rightfully gone to Luka Doncic, who is on an individual scoring average that rivals Michael Jordan, the biggest credit should go to Jason Kidd.

Despite the roster deficiencies, many claimed the Mavericks had, along with the trade to send Kristaps Porzingis to Washington, Kidd unlocked the best in this squad and helped them get to a top-five record in the league and beat the league-leading championship favorites Phoenix Suns.

Kidd outcoaching Monty Williams of the Suns (who was awarded Coach of the Year during the series) is one of the biggest factors in the Mavericks' win. This clip of Kidd coaching the Mavs through a defensive rotation in-game is proof of how he has gotten the players to commit to what they are trying to achieve.

The responsiveness with which the Mavericks responded to everything Kidd was demanding is also incredible to see. Despite the noise of the arena, all the players were locked in on following the instructions Kidd was giving. This was a masterful defensive possession, as the Suns never got a chance to get comfortable with the ball.

Kidd's coaching has made this Mavericks team, considered one of the worst defensively last season, into one of the league's best defenses. Their defense has excelled in the post-season and Kidd is one of the main contributors on that front.

Additions of defensive players like Frank Ntilikina and Reggie Bullock have also helped the Mavericks, but the coach has masterfully put it together. Whether this will hold up against Steph Curry and the Warriors is something we will have to wait and see.