Jason Terry Shuts Down Rumors That Luka Doncic Wants To Leave Dallas Mavericks

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Even though he hasn't been around the league for long, it's pretty clear that Luka Doncic is a superstar already. He's one of the new faces of the NBA and as such, he'll be linked with multiple trade rumors year in and year out. That's just the way it works.

Recently, a report by The Athletic stated that Doncic was unhappy with the Dallas Mavericks organization and that it was a situation that should be followed closely. 

Just a couple of days later, they parted ways with GM Donnie Nelson after a long tenure, and coach Rick Carlisle decided to step down, which led to even more speculation.

Nonetheless, former NBA Champion Jason Terry told the Dallas Morning News that there's no truth to those rumors of Doncic's desire to leave and that he loves the city of Dallas:

“It’s always interesting when you see articles and you see people put things out there but you never see direct quotes from Luka himself," Terry said. "And me knowing Luka the way I do is he’s a hooper. But he’s not concerned about what management got going on and analytics and all that. He’s a hooper. And if you watched him in these playoffs, you understand that. Right now he’s busy in Slovenia, getting ready for the Olympics. And so I know, and trust, you know, Cuban, and the powers that be to do the right things to put the necessary pieces around him. And you know, he loves the city of Dallas. I mean, that’s the city, that gave him his start. And when you watch him play, he wears the city on his chest and on his back. He’s all in when it comes to Dallas. So I don’t buy into the rumors. And I haven’t seen anything or heard anything of it from his end.”

Doncic's legend in Dallas is just getting started and we don't see him changing teams any time soon.

He's a fierce competitor and it's clear that he won't hesitate to give his coach or the front office a piece of his mind if he feels like they're not doing a good job of putting him in a position to succeed, but it seems way too early to speculate about him leaving the team.